Small Groups are the Heartbeat of our Church

Small groups are the best way to get plugged into the life of our church and find community. Below is a list of classes for you to choose from.

Young Adults
Singles and Couples Ages 18-35
Sundays 9am Room 142
Taught by Steve and Claudia Lyles
Young Couples
Couples in the Ages 30's - 40s
Sundays 9am Room 133
Taught by Matthew Flanigan
and Brian Blok
Adult 1
Singles and Couples Ages 50-60
Sundays 9am Room 143
Taught by Bruce Flanigan,
Jeff Harpole, and Jim Miller
Truth Seekers
Singles and Couples Ages 50-70+
Sundays 9am Sanctuary
Taught by Alan Smith
Aldelphe Class
Ladies Class
Sundays 9am Room 141
Taught by Gayla Davenport
Adult 2
Singles and Couples Ages 50-70+
Sundays 9am Dining Hall
Taught by Dan Boehmer, Gil Bernard,
and John McNeil
Big Girls
Ladies Class
Thursdays 6pm Room 142
Taught by Donna Keene